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Blanket Association

The Japan Blanket Association is an organization dedicated to ensuring the improvement of and providing healthy corporate management for blankets makers in Japan. The association is based on laws for protecting small and medium-sized business while aimed at encouraging the protection of these businesses.

Blanket making in Japan started in the southern part of Osaka,

which was the producing district of cotton woven fabric since ancient times.

They combined the techniques of making strings, called Sanada-himo, which was used to fasten swords and obis (belts for kimono) in 1885. At that time, most people could not afford imported blankets because of its expensive price. They started making blankets with the hair of cattle, but it eventually resulted in a bad reputation. They improved the cow-raising techniques eventually mastering how to make beautiful and comfortable blankets. Cotton woven fabrics made by cotton threads began being exported to China in 1910’s. After that production of wool blankets started due to increase of domestic demand and exhaustion of blankets business in Europe. In the 1970’s, Mayer blanket was developed and now, woven blankets made by high grade soft hair such as wool, cashmere and silk and Mayer blankets which has characteristic of bright printing techniques are accepted in the market as domestic blankets which is safe and comfort products with credible techniques.

The 'made in japan' mark is attached to only on authentic Japanese products which are made of Japanese fabrics and are also completely sewed, dyed, printed, raised and ASSEMBLED in Japan.